Fusion Community Initiatives | Initiatives designed to maximise potential
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We empower teams and build communities – turning performing teams into high performing teams.

We work with businesses, charities and academic institutions to provide leadership and development, high performance coaching and team building – with a focus on corporate social responsibility. Fusion believes that strong communities make the foundation for a better world. This is the principle that underpins everything we do.

Corporate social responsibility shouldn’t just be a tick in the box. And it doesn’t have to be. We use an innovative way to combine high performance coaching and leadership training with corporate social responsibility. If you’re looking to bring the best out of your people, bring teams together, while making a genuine difference to the communities in which you operate, then you’re in the right place.

Our initiatives are designed to maximise each person’s potential; fusing individuals into dynamic teams, uncovering strengths and talents which are not always readily seen in a workplace environment. The Fusion team are all ex-British forces officers with real life experience; both operational and humanitarian, but we don’t take a ‘bootcamp’ approach. We offer an intuitive and empowering experience that really brings the best out of teams and increases business performance.


If you care just as much about your team’s development and performance as the impact your company has on the world, then a Fusion Corporate Social Responsibility project is for you.


Our initiatives are designed to improve individual and team performance, while reflecting core values. Whether you’re a business looking to coach individuals, or run an MBA program and want experiential learning, our programmes will have a long-lasting and positive effect.


Exceptional organizations in both public and private sectors are staffed by outstanding people. These employees reach their highest potential when give the opportunity to excel.


A gripe of many who attend leadership and teambuilding events is that the learning stops the minute the event ends. We tailor-make our programmes to provide post-project support so all team members continue to develop the skills they acquire.


We take teams out of their comfort zone and engage them in a meaningful CSR project. This breaks down silos, improves communication and is proven to have a tangible and lasting impact on team performance while benefitting the local community.


High performance teams are focused on their goals and achieve exceptional results. A Fusion initiative will transform teams from performing to high performing.

Meet the Team


Leadership, coaching and mentoring have been the cornerstone of James’s career and he is a qualified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner and coach, specialising in change management, integration of new practices and conflict resolution. His experience spans senior operational roles in counter-piracy operations in Somalia as well as major projects dealing with issues from the Ebola crisis, through to building the Somali Coastguard. He has coached executive teams and run CSR programmes for a wide range of organisations.

He is also a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute – a senior member of the only chartered professional body in the UK dedicated to management. James founded Fusion as he believes that when teams are ‘fused’ and working at optimum performance, great things happen.

James O'Malley Fusion Community Initiatives