The Only Way is Ethics - Fusion
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The Only Way is Ethics

The Only Way is Ethics

Whether you are the CEO of a large corporation, or a switchboard operator, the way you conduct yourself is deeply connected to your own sense of self-worth; every step you take with integrity and with a positive mind-set resonates out to everyone in your life – your organisation, family, and community.

Years ago, when I worked for a small PR & Marketing agency, I was told by my boss, that “lying is part of PR territory”. That day proved a pivotal wake-up call. I quit. I wondered if perhaps I was not cut out for the role. Then I realised that it wasn’t me, and it wasn’t the job. It was my moral compass nudging me in the ribs, telling me that I could not work for a company devoid of a good ethical code of practice.

Karma (or something similar) intervened and before long I was employed by another company; ironically one of my ex-employer’s biggest clients. It should not perhaps have come as such a huge surprise, since they had been one of my previous accounts, and had come to know me as a person. We had formed a healthy working relationship, and it was this which clinched the deal. I have always stood by my moral values: That to promote something, you have to believe in it. Work with integrity.

The whole Fusion team chooses honesty over spin… for no other reason than it earns both trust and respect. Yes, knowing your market is key. But respecting that with total honesty, and honouring your reputation both as an individual and as part of a team, is fundamental.

This is one of our core values at Fusion. We strongly believe that a golden moral compass should be at the heart of your life toolkit, for the simple reason that if you are completely honest with your colleagues and clients, then you earn trust, which in turn builds strong relationships. When people invest in each other in this way, colleagues become friends, and deep, lasting and loyal relationships are formed with clients and working partners. Our partners and colleagues reflect these values, and that is what makes this company truly ethical on every level.

Becky O’Malley. CMO

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