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The Communication Deal

The Communication Deal

communication deal

What is it more often than not which causes dissatisfaction within the workplace? Most of the time this simply boils down to bad communication channels.

When employees feel that they are unable to discuss issues with managers, then this becomes a red alert – as the real damage has already been done. When employees feel the need to go underground with their issues then it creates a breeding ground for a toxic workplace. Morale is damaged and so is the workplace culture.

Just make time. Simply ensuring that communication channels are always open and supportive creates a communication deal, where having an element of trust on both sides will ensure complete honesty. This together with regular employee surveys and forums, provides a great platform for an organisation to tap into the views of its employees, good and bad, and enable an organisation to take positive action.

Our advice is also to establish an essential email only policy. The thinking behind this is simple. An email can often be misinterpreted, or the tone completely misjudged. After all, unless you are a wordsmith, it is tricky to convey your meaning and tone through this medium. Plus, our email culture as a way of communicating even the smallest thing can become just a little inhuman. So, when you are sitting across from a colleague and about to email a one-liner to them: Stop. Just try speaking with them instead. Even try a day of non-internal email within your team. This encourages not just human interaction but can help the creative process. Emailing doesn’t really harness the best brainstorming. Try it – Even just one day a week. You may be pleasantly surprised!

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