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Power UP Your Business through CSR

Power UP Your Business through CSR

Fusion’s CSR case studies demonstrate that businesses which use impactful and tangible community projects for their employee development can uncover new talent, improve employee engagement and boost productivity in the workplace. These case studies also reveal that businesses which require team-building programmes, actually benefit on a deeper level when they take part in something tangible, engaging with local communities. Unlike the usual tick in the CSR box, Fusion Initiatives put community engagement at the heart of their CSR, leadership/development and team-building programmes.

Gallup recently identified that “only approximately 13 percent of employees working for an organisation are currently engaged at work.”

After working with Fusion on one such project, the team from children’s rugby charity Wooden Spoon immediately identified an improvement in employee morale, engagement, and better performance in the workplace. This is consistent with research which reveals that employees gain deeper fulfilment in their work as a result of giving something back to their local community; forging deeper and more meaningful relationships, together with a sense of self-worth.

To be part of the team that in one day delivered the wonderful playground to the children at Christopher’s is something really special. Add to that the ‘spice’ of being under the watchful eye of the Fusion team and their exacting military standards and it makes for a truly unique experience. For over 30 years Wooden Spoon has been transforming the lives of children and young people with a disability or facing disadvantage across the UK and Ireland through the power of rugby; this is however as close as we have come to the installation of such a project. On behalf of the Wooden Spoon team I would like to thank Fusion for helping us deliver this wonderful project that will help to brighten the lives children and their families at Christopher’s for many years to come.’

Jai Purewal, Director of Rugby & Community Investment, Wooden Spoon



To maximise the benefits of community projects within businesses, Fusion identifies specific charities and communities in need, in line with company values. Bespoke projects are then designed to leave a lasting and tangible impact; not only for the beneficiary, but which resonate with employees, their values, and those of the company.

Stretching point

The challenge element of a Fusion project is what aids the engagement and team-building process. It is only the day before each project, where the plans are presented. It was at this point that the team from Wooden Spoon initially assumed that the Fusion team would be delivering the build; whereas the actual build provided the learning platform.

These projects also bring into play elements of high-level time-management, as well as material and budget management– with a pivotal balance of unexpected change and accomplishment as projects evolve. Taking employees out of their workplace comfort zone provides the perfect platform for uncovering talent and potential leaders, facilitated by Fusion’s qualified coaches. They assign different group leaders (who may be deemed anything but that in the workplace). This can be a real eye-opener within the business management team. In line with military ethos – team leaders will motivate and look after each other and police resources.

We have found that leadership participation is essential. It has become evident that the presence of both current leaders, as well as those on the succession ladder, is imperative, not just to lead but to actively participate, and to impart learnings back into the business. By actively engaging, they themselves see the real benefits, notice talent and understand the importance of this cycle going forward for the whole company. They also can identify pitfalls to company productivity when they see their employees engage in an alien setting, outside the workplace, and without technology. Each projects highlights not just the importance of teamwork, but of effective communication, fist-rate collaboration, self-discovery, as well as revealing different skills. The nature of the project handover (in this case a new recreation area for a children’s hospice) also injects the significance of social responsibility and community engagement within the organisation.

Reflect and Learn

This is not where our programmes stop. We have an option for de-brief sessions which look at lessons learned from these discovery platforms, such as:

  • Necessity for good communication,
  • Strong collaboration working towards a common goal
  • Trust and openness,
  • New team dynamic – evolving from silo thinking, coming together as a unified company

Elements such as these which may emerge are looked at and expanded on during de-brief sessions where personal and team objectives can be explored in an open-format discussion in safe form, led by Fusion facilitators. Key points are then highlighted and actioned accordingly with recommendations for transference of new skills back into the workplace.

“The guys that left the office on Thursday, returned a completely different team on Monday. The sense of achievement and engagement, bringing positivity back into the workplace was instantly noticeable.”

Acting CEO, Wooden Spoon

The many virtuous elements of our CSR projects generate lasting benefits to businesses, and also enhance their standing in the community.

Fusion is run by a team of ex-military leaders, whose ethos of integrity and selflessness is key to the success of its initiatives. Fusion champions the power of community engagement, and each team-building initiative puts participants through physical build projects which leave tangible outcomes; whether creating recreation facilities and sensory gardens for children’s hospices, or renovating buildings. These projects however are NOT military boot-camps.

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