International Corporate Social Responsibility Winner 2018 - Fusion CSR
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International Corporate Social Responsibility Winner 2018

International Corporate Social Responsibility Winner 2018

Corporate Social Responsibility – Building Brighter Futures

Corporate Social Responsibility can be explained quite simply; it is about doing the right thing. Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR for short, is about how your company’s values affect not just stakeholders, but clients and corporate partners. It’s about recognising the positive impact your operations can have on society, and about embracing the triple bottom line.

Developing a CSR policy demonstrates intergrity, which reflects well on clients and customers, and naturally leads to sustainable growth and financial gains; even way back in 2007 more than 80% of the FTSE 100 index reported on Corporate Social Responsibility within their Annual Report.

And this is what we deliver: Leadership, development, training through ethical CSR community initiatives.

Each CSR programme centres round our ethos of changing lives. We partner corporate companies with local communities and charities in need; creating tangible projects which make a real difference.

Every single CSR initiative which we run is bespoke, with the needs of the local charities/communities taken into account, and corporate vision alignment and goals accounted for. We use applied learning to connect every company their community; to create a legacy, which in turn becomes a unique, positive and inspirational experience, not just another tick in the CSR box.

The difference with our CSR programmes is that every single one leaves a lasting and meaningful footprint, not just for the charity, but for every single person on that team-building exercise. From building recreation and rehabilitation areas, therapy gardens, right down to delivering aid to communities in need. That is what brings about true impact – when a company truly engages with their local community in this way.

This is why we are proud that our achievements have been recognised within the CSR community; winning an Inernational CSR award for our life-enhancing initiatives.

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