5,400 Metre Acclimatisation Trek - Fusion
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5,400 Metre Acclimatisation Trek

Today saw the team head out for their first 5,400 metres acclimatisation trek. With breakfast on-board the team set off up the first part of the route they will take to the intermediate camp before trekking to the advanced base camp.

It was good to see the terrain, steepness and altitude. We started off with blue skies and lovely weather but that very quickly changed to snow” said Miles Hayward.

The walk proved to be challenging with narrow routes, steep drop offs and having to give way to Yaks – transporting kit for other people. Some of the team were affected by the altitude and snow blindness and had to descend early but the group remain in good spirits.

My experience so far has been very upbeat, I’ve really surprised myself to be honest with zero altitude problems. I seem to have a lot of energy but am very aware that could change (like the weather round here) in 5 minutes.” said Jude McKelvey.

Fusion CEO Jay O’Malley was right in the thick of the action, walking the walk for CSR!

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