Day 11 - Acclimatisation Trek - Fusion
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Day 11 – Acclimatisation Trek

Most evenings in the mess tent have been spent playing card games and quizzes but last night the challengers had a talk from the person who has not only run Everest Base Camp for the last 19 years but reached the summit of Everest 7 times and known as Charlie.

Nights in the tents are getting a little easier as the challengers get more acclimatised to their surroundings, they got more sleep and the temperature was a little higher than previous nights.

The following morning another acclimatisation trek beckoned, passing the below ice waterfall on their way to walking nearly 9 hours, partly up an ice glacier which took its toll on everyone. The ultimate goal today was to reach an altitude of 5,750 metres which was achieved successfully by all the challengers and bodes well for their next trek which will be climbing initially to intermediate base camp and then on to advanced base camp.

The kitchen Sherpas at base camp prepared the team a packed lunch of ham and cheese sandwiches, guava juice and a chocolate biscuit which was enjoyed by all despite the challengers being tested to the limit with alititude sickness hitting randomly, however a great sense of achievement is being felt by all those who completed the trek today as they prepare to reach the higher altitudes over then next few days.

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