Rest Day and The Lost Videos Part 1 - Fusion
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Rest Day and The Lost Videos Part 1

Today the challengers spent a rest day at ABC – Advanced Base Camp – acclimatising to the new height of 6,450 metres!

Wooden Spoon Rugby Manager Matt Mitchell now only able to communicate via satellite phone, told the official Wooden Spoon LMAX Everest Rugby Challenge website:

“The team are exhausted. Yesterday’s trek was really hard going for all of us. There has been incredible scenery and today Carrie, our Expedition Leader is going to check the pitch for the match and the sherpas are going to transport the pitch. It is another two hour walk from where we are. We MAY play the match a day early, depending on the conditions and how well the team is feeling. Wish us luck.”

Understandably communication is significantly harder now, with the team being 6,450 metres up a mountain so to make up for the lack of info coming through over the next few days we’ve got a special treat – three video’s we’ve been holding back from earlier in the trip, taken by Fusion CEO and LMAX Exchange Rugby Challenger Jay O’Malley.

Today’s video features a lot of wind…..



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