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Team reach Advance Base Camp in ultimate challenge

Team reach Advance Base Camp in ultimate challenge

Just 3 days ago the  team set a world record for the highest ever touch rugby game. Today, after a challenging 9 hour walk from intermediate camp the team are now Advance Base Camp on the North side of Everest. At around 6450m the air up there is half the pressure that you breathe at sea level. The team now need to recover their strength while they rest for the next two days in preparation for the next rugby game.

It’s been an eventful few days at base camp as the team have been adapting to the altitude and have done some more acclimatisation walks, and yesterday they played a game of touch rugby to set an (unofficial) World Record for the highest ever game, at 5119m. Read the full report on the Wooden Spoon website.

Leaving base camp, Everest disappears behind 7500m Changste, initially a gentle flat walk before turning steeply up to the left through good rock scenery. Eventually, the valley reveals the amazing pinnacles of the East Rongbuk Glacier and the camp for the night. The Rongbuk Glacier is an impressive frozen ocean of ice waves. From here the views of the glacier and the Himalayan peaks are some of the most dramatic in Tibet. Along the east side of the glacier is the trail that expeditions use to begin their climbs of Everest and this is the trail the team took. Intermediate Camp is set in a barren world of moraine hills under beautifully sculpted yellow-orange granite cliffs.

more to follow!


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