Jules Gilborson - Fusion
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Jules Gilborson


After 10 years in the Financial Sector Jules decided that was quite enough of that, retrained as a Website & Graphic Designer, moved to Devon and was soon working at Bicton College helping the students and staff with their IT and creating all things web related.

Eventually Jules managed to stick around long enough that he somehow found himself in charge of the entire IT network. A quick mad dash around the college grounds did indeed confirm that everyone else in IT had left and he was in charge. Thankfully this only lasted 18 months until the Government decided Bicton should merge with another college and somehow that college was Cornwall College so Jules followed the rest of the IT Team out the door as soon as he could. Now Jules splits his time between working at a media company and as a freelance designer.

When he’s not staring at a screen he’s out mountain biking, road cycling, running or eating. Usually eating…


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