Ben Chappell - Fusion
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Ben Chappell


Ben is a serving Captain in the Royal Marines working within the Coaching Advisory Team at the Commando Training Centre. He is a qualified coach and is currently helping to evolve the training programme for Royal Marines Officers, specifically in command, leadership and management.


During his career he has built and led successful teams across the globe, including planning and coordinating boat training in the jungle, logistics patrols in Afghanistan, and boarding operations in the Persian Gulf. He has also led the Royal Marines Physical Training Department at the Commando Training Centre, overseeing the physical training of all recruits, and the training of all Royal Marines Physical Training Instructors.


Throughout his career, leadership and coaching has been at the forefront of developing successful teams in complex and arduous environments. His pragmatic approach and excellent communication skills allow him to build effective relationships; working together with others in order to help them find answers and improve performance.


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