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Jed Stone

Fusion Media

Jed spent over 25 years in the Royal Marine Commandos, where he served on operational tours in N. Ireland, The Falklands and The Gul. Following which he served as a Mountain Traning instructor, and worked as a Warrant Officer at the Royal Naval School of Leadership and Management, and RN Engineering Centre for Resource and Initiative Training.

During this time, Jed also led teams that broke two Guinness World records, and represented Great Britain internationally at two different sports.

Jed joined McKinney Rogers, global ‘business execution’ consultancy in 2001 as a Lead Coach and then as a Principal Consultant. He progressed his career as Regional Partner for Africa and India, and later as Partner for Europe and the Middle East, where he led a team of seven Consultants and Account Managers. During his time at McKinney Rogers, Jed drove Sales that delivered over $2million annually, working closely with the C suite of a number of global clients (including Walmart, Diageo, Barclays, Kenya Airways, Bacardi, Zain, Kenya Commercial Bank, Grohe and Aleris) combining Strategic Alignment with Inspirational Leadership and High Performance Behaviours. Jed recently set up his own consultancy firm Perform 2XL which focuses on embedding the philosophy of ‘Mission Delivery’ – aligning organizational ambition with high performance behaviours, based on military principles. He has worked with Welltec, Pentair, H+H, ING Bank, Ambu, Estee Lauder, Maersk, Armacell, Panasonic and Secure ID. He lives in Devon, has three daughters and a son, and continues to enjoy rugby, mountaineering and skiing


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