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What we do


We offer a turn-key solution for COVID-19 testing, or CHOOSE a modular basis.

Fusion Medical

Our focus

We offer Business to Business solutions (B2B) In the following 3 verticals:

  • Business (work)
  • Travel
  • Sport


Knowledge is power:

Fusion’s COVID-19 testing programme helps you gain insight into the current symptoms & antibody status of your people (i.e. where they are within the COVID-19 cycle.)

Greater insight leads to better decision making:

…and helps determine the safest strategy for supporting your people back to the ‘New’ normal.


There are multiple types of tests on the market and understanding which test to deploy will depend on the outcomes required. We only use or recommend fully certified, and CE approved, testing kits and PPE.

Antibody testing:

We help advise on the most effective solution for you. E.G. If an organisation is looking for a fast, cost-effective approach to understand antibody status then an onsite rapid Antibody test is preferable, where a result is available in 15 mins. Our tests are 99.8% accurate in the detection of IgG.

Click here for more details on the test.

While the tests can be straight forward, the implementation of a testing programme is more complex than just ordering test kits. There are multiple variables that need to be taken into account:

Antigen testing:

The Coronavirus Ag Rapid Test Cassette (Swab) is an in vitro immunochromatographic assay for the qualitative detection of nucleocapsid protein antigen from SARS-CoV-2 in direct nasopharyngeal (NP) swab specimens directly from individuals who are suspected of COVID-19 within the first ten days of symptom onset

CE marked

Relative Sensitivity: 96. 72 % (95%CI*: 88. 65 %-99. 60 %)

Relative Specificity: 99.22 % (95%CI*: 97.21 %-99. 91%)

Accuracy: 98. 74 (95%CI*: 96.80%-99. 66%)

*Confidence Intervals

Symptomatic vs. Asymptomatic
Antigen detection
IgM Anti-body detection – (infection present and infectious)
IgG Anti-body detection – (subject has had the infection)
Timeframe – presentation and detection of both symptoms and antibodies

Fusion helps organisations navigate these variables and can create a robust testing programme tailored to your organisation’s requirements.

Get in contact to find out more.


  • For businesses, a continual testing programme is required, so that the results can be regularly monitored and updated, in order that retesting can be conducted where required. This gives an accurate insight into the health and wellbeing of the workforce at any given time.
  • Data is tracked through the ‘Fit for work’ digital application (App), or a company’s HR team. Data will help drive safe working practices and procedures, in order for businesses to operate as safely as possible.
  • E.G: an employee who has not been infected should not be placed in an environment where social distancing guidelines cannot be adhered to (e.g. an enclosed space).


  • With the travel industry reopening, major operations (e.g. airports) clear protocols and procedures are needed to ensure the safest possible journey for their customers. This needs to be achieved while offering the best travel experience possible.
  • Stopping the further spread of the virus is another key objective, which can be tracked through the ‘Fit for Travel’ App.
  • For example: Data about each traveller will be visible – whether or not they are fit to travel, as well as their geographical location; allowing travel industry players  to build a picture of any possible COVID hotspots, as and when they occur. Travellers will also be provided with a fit for travel certificate. 


  • With sporting events and fixtures resuming, ensuring the health and safety of both individuals and teams, as well as management and support staff, is critical.
  • Closely monitoring symptoms by using the ‘Fit for Sport’ App will give peace of mind that athletes and players are fit, healthy, and ready to play. 
  • For example; Each team member’s status will be visible. This data will help with key decision-making about team selection and travel, as well as helping to reduce infection-spread and the need for isolation.


Get in touch with Fusion Medical to disucss your requirements.


The experience and network of the Fusion team in the arena of medical planning and humanitarian aid, has enabled us to create a proposition to help companies navigate the current pandemic, and give support and guidance in getting their people back into work safely.

Fusion has been offering leadership guidance and crisis management to support the NHS and other organisations within the Healthcare sector:

  • Sourced PPE suppliers to NHS procurement in the South West of England. 
  • Leveraged the expertise within the military network to deliver forward logistics in the supply of PPE to front line workers.
  • Setting up the full logistical distribution and communication processes across multiple stakeholders ( e.g. NHS warehouses, Care homes, GP surgeries etc.). 
  • The leadership of programme milestones since the start of the outbreak (March 2020) until hand over, end of May (2020)

Fusion is currently working with Avonchem limited, which has over 40 years’ experience and a track record of offering medical solutions through previous viral outbreaks. Avonchem supplies the largest range of diagnostic Test Kits in the UK. It is primarily a distributor and leading supplier of TB microscope kits, HIV rapid testing and re-agents, in addition to producing laboratory chemicals for the scientific, pharmaceutical and educational markets. These products are largely exported to organisations such as WHO, UNCHR, UNDP, and they are in support of activities led internationally by the British Red Cross and Save The Children. 

James O’Malley

Prior to founding Fusion, James spent 14 years in the Royal Navy, most recently as a lead operational medical planner for the European Union Naval Forces Somalia (counter-piracy operations). 

He was involved in several major projects; dealing with issues from the Ebola crisis, through to building the Somali Coastguard. James has a track record for exemplary leadership and planning in volatile situations, including  Iraq, the Far East and Afghanistan. 

Emma Tod

Emma has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, having worked in both NHS and private medical settings as a member of the Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry

Emma’s drive and bounce back ability has led her to win two gold medals representing Great Britain in para-rowing and she currently holds two world records. Her ability to adapt has proved invaluable during her switch to cycling with the GB para squad in 2019.

Richard Leather

Richard has over 15 years of experience in programme management within the corporate world on a global scale. He also has extensive experience in building and implementing digital solutions into operational environments.

Richard has facilitated teams to apply the agile methodologies project management process,  and takes a ‘design thinking’ customer/user experience approach, to drive successful implementations. 

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